Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship Our mission

Our Mission

The mission of Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship is to love God, love our neighbour, and make disciples.

The vision of Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship is to serve our neighbour through loving, encouraging, and caring.

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship our faith

Our Faith

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship is part of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference.  Please read more of our beliefs here:

Our Staff

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship church staff

Peter Doerksen

Senior Pastor

Peter and his wife Martha began their pastoral ministry in the summer of 1986 in Wynyard, Sk. at the Wynyard Gospel Church. In the spring of 2014 they moved to Vanderhoof to begin their ministry with the Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship.

One of the passions of Peter’s heart is discipleship! The desire to help congregations experience the words of Jesus, when He says in John 15:8 (ESV)  "By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples."

As a couple Peter & Martha are involved in helping marriages and families that are experiencing dysfunction. They offer counseling, retreats, teaching, etc. to people who are in need of help or who simply desire to enrich their relationships.

Peter enjoys being a husband, he is a father of three children, all of whom are married, and he loves spending time with his eleven grandchildren whenever possible. His two main hobbies of wood working and love for vehicles fill any spare time he can find.

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship church staff

Brad Harms

Youth/Associate Pastor

As the Youth/Associate pastor at VCF, Brad's focus is to help youth to become authentic disciples of Jesus, deepening their love for the church, and grow to become disciple makers. He takes great honor in having the opportunity to build relationships with teens and help them develop their identity in Christ in this critical part of their life.

Brad married his beautiful wife Kara on December 30, 2016 and they moved to Vanderhoof in July of 2017 to begin their ministry with Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship.

Brad likes to joke that he can find a sports analogy for almost every situation in life because of his passion for sports and years of playing hockey and volleyball. He also enjoys movies, tv shows, playing board games and hanging out with friends. 

Brad holds a B.A., studying Youth Ministry at Briercrest College and Seminary, SK.

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship church staff

Sierra Giesbrecht


Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship church staff

Ann Martens


Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship church staff

Martha Doerksen


Our Story

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship Our story

There were migrations of Mennonites from Manitoba and Minnesota to the Vanderhoof area of British Columbia as early as 1917. Additional Mennonites came from Saskatchewan in 1942, others from the Canadian prairies during the 1950s. The main industry in the area was logging.

In about 1958 a revival occurred at Burns Lake, British Columbia, about 125 kilometres west of Vanderhoof, among Sommerfelder Mennonites. About that same time there was interest by the Evangelical Mennonite Conference to start a work in the area.

Meetings and Bible studies were held at the Martens Hall. Speakers came from Burns Lake, including John Knelsen and Arden Thiessen. The attendance at meetings peaked at about 50, but organization did not occur and people eventually scattered.

Around 1968 some people approached the EMC Board of Missions for help. John Harms, a minister at Kola EMC Church and his wife Goldie looked over the situation, and agreed to lead the work. Services began in their home in 1969. The group soon moved into Martens Hall.

The church was formally organized on 22 February 1970 with 13 members and John Harms was installed as its pastor. Meetings in the Martens Hall continued until 1975.

Construction of a church building began in 1974 and was completed in Spring 1975. The first service in the building was in March. In 1981 a wing was added to house a Christian school, which began that year with Leroy Penner who had moved from Steinbach, Manitoba to be the school’s head supervisor.

Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship had 88 active members in 2017 and an average attendance of 120.

The mission of Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship was stated “to love God, love our neighbour and make disciples.” The vision of Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship was to serve our neighbour through loving, encouraging, and caring.

Our Leadership


Pastor Peter Doerksen
Pastor Brad Harms
Elder Corny & Donna Peters
Deacon Henry & Annie Thiessen
Deacon Danny & Justina Penner
Deacon Bernie & Elizabeth Klassen
Deacon Wade & Erin Harvey
Deacon Wes & Kim Giesbrecht


Pastors: Peter Doerksen & Brad Harms
Chairman: Ed Bueckert
Secretary: Tanya Giesbrecht
Worship Service: Mike Giesbrecht
Christian Education: Erin Harvey
Adult Fellowship: Frank & Mary Wall
Finance: George Giesbrecht
Maintenance: Shonn Thomson
Missions: Jason & Lara Penner

Our Conference


We are affiliated with the Evangelical Mennonite Conference.  For more information, check out the EMC website: